Artist Studios for Rent

Due to popular demand from my customers who have visited me at the farm Print Workshop I can now offer Artist Studio spaces for rent.

Just 8 mins drive from the town centre of Tunbridge Wells and only 300 yards off Forest Road you find yourself in the countryside on a quiet farm surrounded on all sides by pastures mainly for sheep and a group of like minded crafts people. This is a very practical area which is easily accessed and not too far from the town, yet remote enough to give you some quiet space to give your creativity room for expression.

As from August 1st 2016 I will have a 344 ft² or 32 m² studio which is divided into 5 sections. Each artist has a 5.2 m² zone which can be fitted out as you require. The middle section of 11.5 m² is a communal area containing a sink and large drawing board into which you can expand your space to work on larger pieces, or to sit and paint in the open door way enjoying the sun which shines onto the front french windows all day long (when not hidden by clouds of course).

The walls are single skin brick and painted white, while the floor is a newly laid and level floor with a latex finish to make it easy to keep clean and reduce the build up of dust. The building is dry and secure and the site is secured with locked gates at night.

Each artist zone is rented at out in one of 4 plans:

  • Daily Rate – £30 per day (10am – 6pm)
  • Weekly – £80 per week (5 days – Mon / Fri)
  • Monthly – £125 per month
    • plus electricity due every quarter.
    • FREE Wifi – (once installed)
    • Rolling or set period
    • 1 months notice if rolling contract
  • Annual – £100 per month
    • plus electricity due every quarter.
    • FREE Wifi – (once installed)
    • Rolling or set period
    • 2 months notice if rolling contract

If you are interested in viewing the site or to put your name forward to the waiting list please contact me Contact

If you require a larger dedicated space there are two more studios which can be made available shortly.

Studio Floorplan