Certified Art Sure Printer

We were recently awarded the status of being a certified ART SURE printer by the Fine Art Trade Guild.

Since digital inkjet printing has become widespread, it is now easier for people with little understanding of print quality, longevity issues and colour values to produce what look like fine art prints. However, poor quality prints may not stand the test of time. Buyers choosing a digital fine art print from an ArtSure printer can be confident of the quality of the inks and papers used in its production. All print editions registered with ArtSure are made using the manufacturers’ original inks, so you can be sure you are getting optimal results from the fine art digital printer model used. The Guild’s print quality standards are tried and tested, having been established for many years. Those standards remain exactly the same for digital prints within the ArtSure scheme.

Each registered ArtSure print edition can be searched on our database using artist, title or the registration number for the edition or ArtSure member. The Fine Art Trade Guild register of prints has been helping customers since 1847; ArtSure carries on this tradition for Digital Fine Art Prints.