New Studios & Covid Plans

We have now moved into our new fabulous studio space – Just fine tuning but completely operational – We will also be open during the new Covid shut down period so you can drop off work and pick up you work from the front reception.

We will very much be business as usual during the next 4 weeks.
In terms of the company we are going to carry on very much as normal, for those of you that use our services, and our carriers have said that they are intending to deliver to you.
We will be working from the studio but will be available via email, phone, or for those that would prefer a face to face meeting (virtual). We are available on skype and Zoom and am happy to have these meetings on a one to one basis.
If there is anything over the next 4 weeks that we can help you with please do not hesitate to contact us, we will look forward to seeing you again in person after this lockdown and hope you all keep safe and well.