My clients are very varied and wide ranged from different steps of the art ladder – but all are dedicated to their passion of art which is shared within our group… Brett NealMark WellandMartyn Baldwin RBAGuy PortelliTara Winona  – Josh Rowell – Adam Attew – Anil Kumar – Annette Lyons – Bill Talbot – Nick Hebditch – Clare Luxton – Frances Featherstone – Katie Whitbread – Julia Stockwell Hamid – Liz Pangrazi – Charlie Williams – Marina Speroni  – Keith Siddle – Laurie Vincent – Sophie Cook – plus many more.

Brett Neal – 

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Brett is a British artist who has been creating a diverse body of work for over 30 years. Notably, his achievement over the years include a host of portraits of the great and good. Overwhelmingly, the artist is known for his love of perfection and simplicity.

For many years starting in 1985, Brett moved between France and the US creating commissioned portraits in both oil and marble for esteemed patrons. He eventually opened a gallery and workshop in Vence, France with a large staff assiting him in the production and sales of his art. In 2006 Brett moved back to Asia, where he was born and raised.

Mark Welland –

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Mark is an award winning artist and designer who has created illustrations and artworks both commercially and for the public. He works in a variety of mediums and has pieces in public and private collections.

He revels in producing work that at its heart has a ‘Hero’. In his art the Hero is a theme, style, subject matter, idea or method that is the core of a collection. It is central to and defines the finished piece. It brings focus to a subject and creates a level of engagement that hopefully motivates us to create a personal connection.

Martyn Baldwin RBA –

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Martyn’s work is the result of a synthesis of artist, motif and materials through a profound study of the structure of the subject in order to find the spirit in the mass and a just tension of opposites.

Tara Winona –

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An artist and a writer, Tara Winona’s art celebrates a love affair with nature, inviting us to deepen our connection both with nature and ourselves. Her paintings have deeply personal stories woven into them: expressions of life changing events, powerful emotion.

Working with a minimal colour palette, Tara seeks beauty in simplicity, leaving space for the imagination. Painting with watercolour or ink on large canvases, the unpredictable nature of the materials means her technique is a dance, allowing the paint to flow, co-creating with chance … a  celebration of life’s unexpected happenings.

    Guy Portelli VPRBA, ARBS –

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Studied Interior Design and 3D Design at Medway College of Art 1974-78. I worked as a sculptor in the special effects dept for the BBC TV before setting up own studio in 1981, producing sculptures for the advertising market.

My first opportunity in the world of fine art sculpture was being commissioned to sculpt 13, 9ft classical sculptures for The London Pavilion, in Piccadilly Circus, London.

Having gained a reputation for Classical sculpture, I wanted to promote the more creative aspects of my work, and set about exhibiting my abstract sculptures in galleries, sculpture parks, Manchester Art House, Sausmarez Manor in Guernsey, and a major London show with Andrew Logan.