Full Framing Service

Works of art need stand out for themselves in a well considered and finely constructed frame. Professional picture framers with an expert understanding of appropriate presentation, conservation practice and the understanding of the artist and collectors needs.

Newly stretched canvas prints ready for delivery

Who needs a high quality frame? Almost everyone has a picture on their wall as well and all business offices, in fact anywhere there is a wall there is a need for a framed image. Art galleries, local authorities, architects and interior designers, collectors, artists and photographers all use us for their professional framing needs.

New Mounted prints ready for the frame

You might have a collection of ‘high value’ artwork, memorabilia and prints, or you might just need a memory of item of great personal value to be well presented fo you to enjoy every day of the year.

Painted Frames ready for final Wax coat and polish

We are members of the Fine Art Trade Guild and will therefore only use the best materials, and the best industry practice when framing. Care is taken to ensure that everything we use in our workshop meets the standards laid down by our Trade Association, so you can feel confidant that we will look after your work because we care.