Artist Website builder

Artist & Gallery Website Building & Hosting Service. Why do you need one?

Q: Are you an artist or gallery in need of a website?

Q: Are you daunted by the prospect of building a website?

Q: Does the thought of keeping the site up-to date and keep it relevant also fill you with fear?

Q: Do the ongoing costs make you quake in your boots?

Q: What about all the add-on costs involved?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions then read on…


We have been building website for over 20 years and over that time it has become much easier the make your project work for you. However building a website is a chore to most people when they would much prefer to be creating their art or working on their core product or interest.

  • 20% of artists do not have a website
  • 70% of artists had a site built by professionals
  • 30% were home built
  • £2500 is the average price paid for a professional website build
  • Many Galleries don’t have a digital marketing plan

How can we make you life easier?

By working with the artist we can quickly plan out a basic site that will suit your needs and create a structure that can easily be ammended and added to as your business grows and changes.

  • We will build a site that is easy to access and update or…
  • We can mange the site for you
  • Roll the cost into one simple figure
  • NO extra hidden costs
  • No extra fee for email addresses
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Fixed monthly fee
  • FREE 1-2-1 training given on site management (if required)
  • Self Hosting sites so we can manage the server for you

Why use us?

Because we understand your needs we can make a templated site for you in just a few days and you have the confidence that we will be here to ensure your site works for you.

  • Our sites are simple templated sites – no complex coding
  • Great starter platforms to slowly develop you site to reflect your growing business
  • No Jargon – No Hassel – No Judgment
  • A simple site can cost as little as £10 per month
  • No VAT or hidden costs
  • We will register your domain and managed the renewals for you
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3 Simple Service Levels

site build

Site Building based on your needs for functions, design and levels of integration with your public.

Basic Site hosting only

Once the site is built and live we will then host the site and give you full admin access to maintain your site going forward.

Fully Managed site

With this option we will host the site and run all required updates on the server as well as upload your latest information, news stories, images etc. as and when you require them. This can be a flat fee or based on time.

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