Original Art Register

OAR_Logo_landscape_CMYK.epsIndependent and secure registration you can trust

Artists, photographers and their publishers have looked to the Fine Art Trade Guild for help and guidance since its foundation as the Printsellers Association in 1847. The Guild’s print register has helped galleries, art dealers and collectors to establish provenance for reproduction prints. The Original Art Register was created in 2016 to document original designs and provide proof of ownership of your images. As Guild members we can offer you a registration service for your prints and originals at a much reduced fee and enhanced online listings.

How does it work?

For each piece of art you need to upload you will supply us with the following information

  • A small image file
  • Title
  • Date produced
  • Image dimensions
  • Medium

Further registration details of limited edition prints, open prints, posters, book use or other products and licensing details can then be added to the original registration. Your registrations will be assigned unique OAR ID numbers, and you will receive a Certificate of Registration and point-of-sale card for each. The registration database will be available to view by consumers, collectors and art publishers, promoting your work to potential customers and licensees.

Protect and promote your original art

The Original Art Register logo and unique registration number can be placed on every registered image and used in promotions and marketing. This ensures both the public and trade are aware of your rights of ownership.

Take a stand against Copyright theft

Strengthen your stand against illegal use of your works of art and show the world that you are serious about protecting your intellectual property and that you are aware of your rights of ownership. In the event of a copyright challenge the proof of a registered date would be an invaluable asset for the designer to help prove ownership.